Just Be Better.

I really think this fits in most situations.

Someone is annoying the heck out of me? JUST BE BETTER.

The 2016 US campaign season? JUST BE BETTER.

I’m too lazy to get to an appointment on time? JUST BE BETTER.

Customer Service for your cable company? JUST BE BETTER.

See what I mean?

Ok, I’m fully aware that most of the time, most people are just trying their best. And I don’t want to be insensitive to that. But when it comes to funny things to say when everything is frustrating, this is definitely one of my favorites.

And, while funny, I think the idea is also very serious. Our society is full of broken systems. Our communities are full of broken spirits.

And I personally can’t seem to choose just one problem to try to solve. But maybe I can provide resources to other people to help them to just be better. Or to just make the world better. Or to just make one little thing a little bit better.

That’s my hope anyway.

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