I started thinking about this website before Donald Trump became president and, at the time, asking people to be better seemed like a more reasonable request, but Trump happened and now I feel like I’m just trying to keep up with all the nonsense he’s doing every day. It’s hard to choose one issue to post about when practically everything feels urgent and in need of betterness.

For now, let’s talk about immigration (and the border wall).

If you just want to read all the deets, the Skimm has summarized basically everything here. And NPR has a great article on How America’s Idea Of Illegal Immigration Doesn’t Always Match Reality.

And if you want to get some facts from podcasts, I suggest:

“Overall, people who come to the U.S. from other countries ultimately make their new home a more prosperous place.” – Science Vs. host, Wendy Zukerman

sunset statue of liberty.jpg

But just knowing facts doesn’t do much for our perceptions or worldviews. Personal stories and empathy are much more effective for that. So here are some podcasts that share these types of individual stories relating to immigration.

All of these podcasts have the highest production quality and I definitely recommend them, regardless of the subject. These are podcasts I listen to on a semi-regular to very consistent (weekly) basis. In some ways, that means the list is less biased because I didn’t just search for podcasts that talk about immigration and confirm my preconceived opinion (which, if you haven’t guessed, is that Trump needs to back the heck off and stop making false claims that these restrictions and deportations are in the interest of national security). On the other hand, I’ve already selected them as worth listening to (in general) based on the filter of my worldview. Regardless, please listen.

And go forth and be better.

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