A handful of podcast episodes aired lately that all relate to the same thing: police shootings. This is an exceedingly complex and emotional topic for people on both sides. The sides being police and black people (most of the time). And as someone who has not experienced either perspective, it is certainly a bold move to try to talk about it with any sense of authority. So I won’t. For the moment, I will just share some podcasts and let you listen.


Radiolab did a two-part series called Shots Fired (Part 1Part 2).

The episodes are based Ben Montgomery’s research on police shootings in Florida. His database and article, Why Cops Shoot, were just published and they’re really interesting. And check out the interactive graphic.

Embedded did three episodes on Police Videos from Charlotte, Flagstaff, and Cincinnati.

embedded 1        embedded 2        embedded 3

And, last but not least, This American Life did a two-part series a couple years ago called Cops See It Differently (Part 1, Part 2). It’s not new, but I highly recommend listening.

I’ll let you listen to these for now. But don’t worry, I’ll share my own thoughts soon too.

To Be Continued…

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