Reply All is obviously on my master list of podcast recommendations because they are so funny and relevant and well done. But there are a few recent episodes in particular that I’d like to share today.

First up: The Russian Passenger

The mystery of Alex Blumberg’s hacked Uber account.

And then: Beware All

Follow up on the hacking and all the reasons we should be afraid to use the internet. FUN!

And lastly: Obfuscation

The most recent episode isn’t available on Soundcloud yet, but let’s be honest, you weren’t going to listen here anyway. Go find it on your phone.

Introducing a new segment called “Why Is Everybody So Mad and Do I Have to Be Mad Also?” (I love them) and a preview of Email Debt Forgiveness Day coming up on April 30th (I really love them).

Listen. And then join me in my paranoia…

…that apparently isn’t strong enough to keep me from using the internet and technology.

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