Today we’re sticking with the theme of cyber security paranoia. Reply All’s episodes about hacking were a fun little intro last week. Now I’m suggesting you listen to the Privacy Paradox from Note to Self.

What is the Privacy Paradox?

“It’s a five-day series of challenges, newsletters and mini-podcasts, that will help you take back control over your personal information and digital identity.

It’s also the term behavioral economists use to describe the disconnect between our feelings about digital privacy (we value it!) and how we act online (we give privacy away!).”

You guys, I thought the Russian Uber hacking was bad, but it gets even worse. Fortunately, if you sign up for the Privacy Paradox newsletter, you can get tips for improving your privacy and security. I’m currently making my way through the list of suggestions.

They also have a little quiz to find out your “Privacy Personality.” Apparently I am a Realist.

“Privacy is on the Realist’s mind but they’ll often choose convenience over any hard line principle. That’s not to say they wouldn’t like the choice to opt-out or have more control over their personal information but compromise is part of living in the digital age.

Likely privacy steps taken: The Realist can’t give up Google Docs or Instagram but sometimes thinks about deleting the Facebook Messenger app. The Realist has also been known to go on *unsubscribe me* binges and feels conflicted when they use an adblocker on a site they love. And yes, they absolutely have a pass code on their phone.  Come on, they’re not a Luddite! “

That sounds mostly right. But I have to say, after listening to this series, I’m leaning toward a less compromising mindset. On the other hand, convenience is so appealing. I go between wanting to delete everything and completely disconnect to the complete opposite – wanting to do a more thorough job building my “brand” online. I mean, I’m only human.

How are you feeling about your online privacy and security?

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